Robert Gazmarian, MD

Robert Gazmarian, MD

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Fellowship-Trained, Board Certified Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist

Robert Gazmarian, MD, was born and raised in Los Angeles and received his undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

He then earned his medical degree at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Gazmarian completed his formal medical training with a general surgery internship at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital. His interest in musculoskeletal disorders led him back to UC-Irvine, where he completed his residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Sports Medicine. 

Dr. Gazmarian then completed a fellowship in sports medicine at the Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia, which included experience for national level high school, college, and minor league athletes.

Dr. Gazmarian joined Southern California Orthopedic Institute in 1998. He is currently active in the care of high school and college student athletes in the greater Los Angeles area, and has been the Team Physician for St Francis High school in La Canada since 1998.

As a fellowship-trained physician, Dr. Gazmarian enjoys the challenges of treating multiple nonsurgical orthopedic conditions. His goal in patient treatment is to maximize daily function and activity and to provide his patients with excellent service and compassionate care so optimal musculoskeletal health may be restored.  Dr. Gazmarian utilizes the latest advancements in musculoskeletal ultrasound technology to diagnose conditions, as well as treat the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle with ultrasound guided injections.

Dr Gazmarian has an interest conservative spinal care and rehabilitation, for the more difficult conditions he performs spinal injections (epidurals/facet blocks) under flouroscopy for sciatica and spine arthritis. He also performs electrodiagnostic (EMG/NCS) testing to assess neuromuscular injuries.

In his free time, Dr. Gazmarian enjoys spending time with his four children who are involved in club soccer, football, and basketball. He also enjoys playing golf and riding motorcycles. 

Robert Gazmarian, MD, is available to see patients at the Van Nuys and Valencia offices.


• Sports Medicine-Board certified
• Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation-Board certified
• Neck/Shoulder
• Spine/hip
• Knee
• Foot/ankle





"I was greeted warmly—like an old friend. In the past, I came to appointments with my husband." – Gayle B. 

"Dr. Gazmarian is clear, concise, knowledgeable and friendly. It is ALMOST fun to have a problem so I can come to see him." – Naomi W. 

"I have had 6 different surgeries with the above checked Doctors and have had a great experience with all of them.  In addition, the PA's, Dr. Assistants, and schedulers have also been wonderful.  I recommend SCOI to all of my friends that are contemplating an Orthopedic Surgery." - Inez F.

"As you can tell by my check list of Doctors, I have spent more than a little time at SCOI.  As a former Motocross Racer, I sustained injuries that ranged from broken ankles, to a tibial plateau fracture, to hand fractures and finally bulging discs in my back.  Every experience at SCOI has been absoultely fantastic.  The doctors are all caring, patient and really know their specialty.  I rode bikes with a group of about 10 guys and every one of them has, at one time, visited SCOI and received the same superior care.  I still come in every once in a while with back flare ups, or other small issues.  Dr. Gazmarian is the doctor I see first and there are no words to express the respect and appreciation I have for him.  No matter how long it is between visists, he ALWAYS remembers me and is as friendly, kind and encouraging as any doctor I've ever visited.  You really get the feeling that he makes it his personal mission to see that you leave there feeling better, or at least with a plan to help you feel better in the future. I have referred many folks to Dr G., including my wife, who is terrified of doctors, but is comfortable and stress free when she sees him.  To me, SCOI is the only place I would ever think of going in regards to my orthopedic health.  Thank you for all you have done for me over the years." - Douglas S. 

"Dr. Gazmarian has been treating me for several years for different orthopedic problems. Towards the end of March, I visited Dr. Gazmarian with a complaint of severe left knee pain, which the cause was unknown. After an MRI in early April, a diagnosis of a meniscal tear was made. I had an injection of cortisone into my left knee, which did not relieve the pain. At that point, I was advised that I had two choices, the first was surgery to repair the tear or the second was a course of physical therapy. I chose the latter, although it was a long and tedious process. I had reservations about surgery at my age of 92. Physical therapy lasted until the end of May. By that time my severe knee pain had diminished to just occasional moderate pain.

I am grateful to Dr. Gazmarian for his patient, concerned attitude towards me at all my visits and also to the dedication and patience of the physical therapy staff." -- Norma W.

"During the last 10 years, I have been experiencing what most people in their 70's go through, a little deterioration here and there. It first started with pain in my right thigh, which turned out to be trochanteric bursitis. I saw Dr. Gazmarian, a family favorite, who prescribed antibiotics. I then saw him a little later for pain in my left knee, which was very sudden. He prescribed a total knee replacement, but at the time, 18 months ago, he gave me a cortisone shot so that I could at least function. So far, so good. My experience with Dr. Gazmarian was amazing, and he helped me tremendously, especially his fun-loving personality.

During this same time, I was in denial about the back pain I was having for the last five years. Dr. Gazmarian referred me to Dr. Moldawer, who immediately recommended I have a lumbar laminectomy. During my decision time, I developed a cyst at L5-S1, which was very painful. After MRIs and x-rays, a date was set. It has been two months since my surgery, and even though I am having trouble regaining the strength in my back and stomach muscles, I am much better. I could not even sleep at night because of the pain in my right leg and foot. Dr. Moldawer and his assistant, Dealie Park, were very reassuring that I could be treated and healed. I am now in therapy, and plan to continue with that.

I cannot say enough about the experience I had with these physicians and physician assistant. They moved right in, and did what was needed with very good outcomes. I also praise Valley Presbyterian Hospital for their care. Everyone had a pleasant attitude and was very caring. I was amazed at the care I received from them." -- Catherine M.

"I had arthritis in my right knee. I couldn't play tennis or golf. Under Dr. Gazmarian’s care, I received synvisc shots. Over several weeks, my knee started to feel better and I was able to get to tennis and golf. I am getting shots in both knees now and am able to do the things I love." -- Stephen H.

"I went to Dr. Gazmarian first, to determine if there was anything I could do before resorting to surgery. He explained various treatment options and their effectiveness. He was thorough in explaining my injury and MRI results. He also had a positive attitude and linked me with Dr. Hanker to have surgery. Dr. Hanker was also thorough in explaining my injury as well as the surgery he performed. He spent time answering any questions I had, which was very reassuring! His assistant, Leyla was kind and knowledgeable and returned my phone calls promptly. I am happy with my surgery results and all the care I received by the physicians at SCOI." -- Aimee

"Dr. Karzel saw me in consultation for an old injury resulting in my current problems with both knees. He referred me to Dr. Gazmarian for injections in an attempt to stave off what will be the inevitable knee replacements. I received a series of three injections of by Dr. Gazmarian, along with what remained of a six-week course of physical therapy. My knees are much improved to the point where I can walk up and down stairs without pain. I may experience relief for at least three months, hopefully longer." -- Barbara D.

"Excellent and very good doctor. I liked him a lot!" -- Agnes D.


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