Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.75
“The doctor and the entire staff were very kind and professional. They explained the procedure that was being done on me(Transforminal epidural injection) and asked if I had any questions. I was a bit nervous at first, but when I met the doctor before my procedure, he made me feel at ease and all my worries went away!”
– Debbie W.
“I see Carrie Alejandro in my appointments because I always go late. Carrie is GREAT she is very easy to talk to. Dr. Shapiro is Awesome too. The organization at your Bakersfield location dose a great job!”
– Elena C.
Treated by: Todd Shapiro, MD
“I saw Dr. David Auerbach for a 2nd opinion regarding the need for surgery on my left rotator cuff. First let me mention that Dr. Auerbach has been named by Los Angeles magazine several years in a row as a Super Doctor. That is impressive in itself but my firsthand experience with him I found to be even more compelling. i was super impressed with Dr. Auerbach's timely efficient communication with his support staff, his professionalism including his bedside manner, his analysis of the problem with my shoulder and his prompt communication with both me and the first surgical MD. Dr. Auerbach carefully compared the movement of my good shoulder to my injured shoulder and explained in detail to me what he saw as the problem with my injured shoulder. He then followed up with the first MD and together they came up with a plan that put me at ease. Thank you Dr. Auerbach for your commitment and dedication to providing the utmost in quality care.”
– Trish L.
“She was professional, to the point, and helpful.”
– Glenn W.
“He was able to reduce my pain and help me at least get some relief. I am looking forward to my next visit with him.”
– Tom J.
Treated by: David K. Wahba, MD
“Excellent doctor and he is a great addition to SCOI!”
– James H.
Treated by: David K. Wahba, MD
“Wishing I went to him sooner! I appreciate his expertise.”
– Susan P.
Treated by: Eric I. Ferkel, MD
“Exceptional care from an Exceptional surgeon! Couldn't have asked for better and grateful I chose him!”
– Margrot P.
Treated by: Todd D. Moldawer, MD
“I was very impressed with Dr. Masserman. He knew exactly what I needed to get better.”
– Jacob R.
“He is a wonderful and skillful doctor and surgeon. A professional and courteous service form the Doctor and the staff alike. SCOI has been impressively amazing. Thank you Dr.Lynch and staff for taking such good care of me. You are very much appreciated.”
– Perry P.


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