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“Carrie Alejandro, PA-C is an outstanding PA. I really like the professional attitude and knowledge she projects. Carrie takes the time to listen to every concern I have.”
– Carol M.
“The last Doctor was Dr.Hymes that worked on my spine.The first was Dr.Blecher that worked on my knee.He sent me to Doctor Dr.Barcohana that sent me to Dr.Hymes. All were great.”
– Gus T.
Treated by: Babak Barcohana, MD
“My experience with the physician and his assistants was very positive. Nice people and explained to me in clear terms the problem I had. Overall, a good experience.”
– Charles C.
Treated by: Fadi S. Saied, DO
“Great services”
– Hilda
“My experience was excellent. I was seen in a timely matter and referred for occupational therapy with Alma. She did an excellent job in assisting me.”
– Richard G.
“I have seen Dr. Bloze for some 20 years and will continue to see her as long as she is in business and I have a need for her services. I insist that any and all nerve conduction tests and studies be done by Dr. Bloze as she has found problems with my body that have been missed by others. Thanks to her my neck fusion as extended to include more vertebrae than anticipated by my surgeon because of Dr. Bloze's knowledge of my history, and complete and thorough dedication to the well-being of her patients. Altho a 4 disc cervical fusion was not something I was looking forward to, I am grateful she caught the problem before I had surgery or a 2nd surgery would have been required. Regardless of where my referring physician is, I INSIST that Dr. Bloze do my nerve conduction studies and always will. It is with complete confidence that not only do I continue to be a patient, I whole heartedly refer her to others.”
– Beth B.
“it was great, very fast, direct and took care of my pain.”
– Jill Z.
“Love Dr Bloze, she is fantastic and cares for all of my needs. The reception was great as well, I have Zero complaints”
– Randy I.
“Last year I had some problems swimming, and I found out I had a right shoulder rotator cuff that was disconnected . Dr. Gittleman was able to use orthoscopic surgery to reconnect the tendons that were being shredded by my bone spur on my shoulder. The surgery went very well I was able to use the power of my right arm pool hard during the Australian crawl in swimming. Recently I found out my left shoulder was having the same problem, so I scheduled some surgery for that. Meanwhile we found out that I had some sophisticated cardiac problems that had to be taken care of. So in effect of using blood thinners for that procedure I have to wait six months to get my left shoulder fixed. I'm quite sure that will be taken care of with the same excellent professional orthoscopic surgery as before. When I was talking to my cardiac doctor who had the same rotator cuff surgery but not by orthoscopic means he really felt sorry for me that I had to go through such surgery, but in Dr. Gttleman's hands I think I will have very little difficulty with his noninvasive procedure. Thanks for all the people at SCOI?”
– Ronald L.
Treated by: Mark H. Getelman, MD
“Very professional. The Dr and assistant were very nice and actually seemed concerned about my injury. The whole office staff was very nice.”
– Peter H.


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