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"On June 13th of this year, I had a total hip replacement that was done by Dr. Hernandez. From the moment I met him at the initial consultation, I knew that I had the right doctor. He was positive and reassuring from the beginning. The afternoon of the surgery, I was up and walking. The day after surgery I was on my way home. If I didn't know any better I would think that I never had a problem with my hip. I'm doing whatever I want to do with absolutely no pain or discomfort. The whole staff at SCOI are the best, from the receptionist to the doctors. If the need arises in the future, I know where I'm going." – Michael G.

Treated by: Jaime D. Hernandez, MD

"Dr. Lynch did a carpal tunnel release and a tenosynovectomy on my left hand. During every appointment leading up to the surgery he explained my condition and the surgery he would be doing to repair my condition. He was professional, courteous, and thorough. The surgery was a complete success and the scar is barely visible. I would highly recommend Dr. Lynch as a surgeon. I would also commend the entire team, from his assistant Skip to the front office staff, for their part in making the whole process seamlessly pleasant." – Kathryn H.

Treated by: Trevor P. Lynch, MD, FACS

"Very pleased with Dr. Burns, very explanatory. I had just recommended him to another person." – Brian S.

Treated by: Joseph P. Burns, MD

"Dr. Guanche performed a reverse shoulder replacement on my shoulder and the operation was a total success."  – Brana H.

Treated by: Carlos A. Guanche, MD

"I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received from SCOI, Dr. Schopler and Emily Fish, PA. I underwent a lumbar fusion and it has been a slow recovery. They have been with me every step of my recovery and I always have been treated with respect and they always clearly explain the treatment plan. I love how they bring up the actual X-ray pictures and show me what has been done and where we are at in the healing process." – Irene M.

Treated by: Steven A. Schopler, MD

"Mark and Janelle are awesome. I got in and out quickly, however they took the time to make sure that I had all my questions and concerns answered. The advice and treatment I received was spot on. If I ever have an issue again they will be my only call." – Joe T.

Treated by: Mark L. Schamblin, MD

"From my very first call, to my post op appointment, I couldn't be more pleased with the staff at SCOI group, as well as Dr. Grossman. I called on a Friday, they got me in the same day, and I had emergency spine surgery the following Monday. The calming presence that Dr. Grossman has, as well as the knowledge of both him and Shelbie Kirby, made me feel confident throughout the entire process! They truly went above and beyond. I would absolutely recommend the SCOI group... truly a remarkable practice." – Erika C.

Treated by: Brian S. Grossman, MD

"I have had several opportunities to use the services of SCOI and each one has been quite successful.  The latest visit endured for about a year and the doctor was Dr. Paul Simic.  Wow, it was far beyond words that I can find to tell you how pleased I was with the kindness and consideration of his mannerism and care.  He took care of my every whim personally such as; I had some fears about anesthesia and he had input with the young men who did the injection using Ultra Sound and I was greatly impressed with how smoothly everything went. His staff was equally caring and efficient in taking care of me.  I felt like they modeled what Dr. Simic expects from those who take care of his patients.  He is the kind of doctor I wish everyone could have because it gives the patient such peace going into surgery, to know just how intensely he cares.  He should teach a class on patient-physician rapport.  I will be back should I need your services again." – Elnora H.

Treated by: Paul M. Simic, MD

"I was treated by Dr. Guanche for frozen shoulder. He listened to me and answered my questions completely.  I let him know of my fear of needles and when I met the anesthesiologist just before surgery, he had already been made aware of my concern.  I felt confident that I would be well taken care of.  In fact, the whole staff was professional, personable and human.  It was a very pleasant experience." – Karen G.

Treated by: Carlos A. Guanche, MD

"Doctor Hamilton was so kind and caring. He put me at ease from our first visit. He and his whole staff made my experience so much better." – Cynthia L.

Treated by: Christopher Hamilton, MD


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