• Surgical & Nonsurgical Management of the Spine, Back/Neck (Fellowship-Trained)
  • Orthopedic Surgery (Board-Certified)

Medical-Legal & Workers’ Compensation Services

  • Agreed Medical Evaluation
  • Arise Out of Employment/Course of Employment (AOE/COE) Injury Cases
  • Expert Witness
  • Independent Medical Evaluation
  • Medical Malpractice Review
  • Qualified Medical Evaluation

Providing Medical-Legal Services Since 1984

Many seek Dr. Moldawer's expert opinion concerning matters within his medical expertise. Dr. Moldawer has testified as an expert witness on many occasions, and his experience includes thousands of depositions and hundreds of trial/arbitration testimonies, and he has qualified as an expert in California Superior Court, Federal Court, and multiple out-of-state courts. He is frequently asked to provide opinions about the nature and extent of spinal injuries as well as the more complex issue of causation and apportionment. Dr. Moldawer is routinely retained as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants. He is also often consulted concerning issues of medical malpractice.

Contact Information

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Ashley McConnell
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“Dr. Todd Moldawer is one of the most highly regarded medical/legal practitioners in the workers’ compensation community. My personal experience with him on my cases is as a treating physician, a surgical spine consult physician and as an Agreed Medical Examiner. In whatever role he is in Dr. Moldawer always provides the highest quality of care, as well as professional well thought out medical legal opinions in his reporting on a variety of issues. His professionalism, knowledge and experience in the med legal arena have provided me with the confidence of being able to rely on his expert medical advice. As an attorney in the workers’ compensation field for over 40 years I have seen hundreds of his reports and have had the opportunity to depose him on a number of occasions throughout the years. He is always responsive to issues, well prepared and thorough. I will continue to use Dr. Moldawer as well as recommend him to both applicant and defense attorneys on their cases.” – Susan F.

“I represent injured peace officers and firefighters. These are people who want and need to get better to go back to work. When I tell these clients to go see Dr. Todd Moldawer for treatment of their back and neck injuries, I know they are not only getting the highest quality of care, but somebody who treats them with both respect and congeniality. In the 20 years I have known Dr. Moldawer on a professional level, I have had nothing but good feedback from my clients, something that is truly rare.” – Laurie M.

“Dr. Todd Moldawer is a superb physician and surgeon who has treated and performed surgery on many of our clients over the last 30 years with excellent results. Dr. Moldawer won’t hesitate to testify on behalf of his patients in deposition or trial when necessary. He is a superb orthopedic expert witness who is very accessible for legal consultation and is well prepared when called on to testify for his patients. Dr. Moldawer is, also, available to review medical malpractice cases and will testify in cases he believes to be meritorious.” – Daniel J.

“I have worked with Dr. Moldawer on numerous matters over the years. He is thorough, professional and honest in his evaluation of spinal injuries and their cause. Perhaps most importantly, unlike most other medical experts, Dr. Moldawer is responsive and available to assist whenever called upon. I highly recommend Dr. Moldawer because his background, training, experience and professionalism are second to none.” – Brad S.