Mark H. Getelman, MD

Verified Patient Rating: 4.98 (57 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Getelman.
  • “A friend referred me to SCOI and to Dr. Getelman. He did major repair work on my shoulder. We were impressed by his knowledge and skill. His assistant, Stacey, was also great. She knew her business and was always cheerful and sunny. I am still under Dr. Getelman's care and he's taking very good care of me! I've enjoyed being his patient and my shoulder is getting stronger everyday.”
    – Lydia G.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had a series of five shots for knee arthritis and am awaiting final results. I have an appointment with Dr. Getelman in July to evaluate. I am impressed with the general handling of appointments and prompt service. This is my first time with SCOI. I chose it because of my daughter's experience there.”
    – Maureen B.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I underwent surgery to repair my ACL in my knee that I tore snow skiing this spring.  The surgery went smoothly and the surgery staff was fabulous.  Since the surgery, I have seen Stacy Gerbrandt for my first follow-up appointment and she is such a pleasure to work with. She is the best! I am very pleased with the outcome so far and would definitely recommend SCOI in the future. -- Constance C.”
    – Constance
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “Two guy's at work are limping around after a year of horror stories about their knees and meniscus work at other facilities. Four weeks later, I am turning 50 and climbing the walls at the skate parks. Go figure! Team, you are awesome! Mark, thank you sir.”
    – James
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “From the top down, the care that I received at SCOI was amazing. Their doctors, all subspecialty trained, are top notch. One just look at their collective experience, education, and reputation and it's crystal clear.  Further, the entire staff is very professional and thorough. From my first visit with Dr. Molnar for diagnosis, to my surgical experience with Dr. Getelman, I was treated with the highest level of professional care that  I could ask for. I am thankful to the entire staff for that professionalism and attention to detail that every patient needs.”
    – Dennis W.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had rotator cuff surgery and was treated on both knees for pain. I believe I received the best care ever by the complete staff. Stacey, Elizabeth Brown,  and every one involved were so professional and made me feel comfortable during all procedures. Couldn't ask for more. I would only go there and highly recommend SCOI to anyone who has orthopedic problems.”
    – Anthony R.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had shoulder surgery one week ago. The staff, from the front desk to discharge, was so nice and very professional. My anesthesiologist was great.  He explained everything and was patient and very thorough. The nursing staff was wonderful. I am a retired operating room nurse and I couldn't have been happier. Thank you all very much.”
    – Debbie P.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had ACL cadaver surgery at the age of 60 in June 2012. I have totally recovered, pain free, and am back to playing basketball 3 days a week. I'm grateful.”
    – Alan S.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “Dr. Getelman rebuilt my left shoulder after a substantial rotator cuff tear aggravated by bone spurs and arthritis. His surgical skill allowed me to return to work quickly and have a rapid and full recovery to swimming and other activities. His care and the care and attention of his PA, Stacy Gerbrandt, provided encouragement and guidance through the recovery process. I have recommended several other potential patients to Dr. Getelman. -- Bill G.”
    – Bill
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I came in and met Dr. Getelman after I experienced a fall at work. I twisted my knee and had a great amount of pain. I was always active and to have an injury slow me down, was nothing less then devastation to me. I enjoy running, hiking, boating, and off roading, so much that I require two good knees! Dr. Getelman recommended ACL reconstructive surgery, using cadaver tissue. I was a bit reluctant at first, but after his and Stacie's explanation of the surgery and the recovery necessary, I went ahead with the procedure. Well, a year and half later, I have completed two half marathons and looking forward to a third half marathon just before my 50th birthday. I am thrilled with my outcome and am so very thankful for Dr. Getelman and Stacie for their expertise and care they gave to me to continue to enjoy my active life. Thank you to all at SCOI.”
    – Faith J.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD