Mark H. Getelman, MD

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  • “I had rotator cuff surgery done 13 months ago by Dr. Getelman. The pain I had prior to the surgery is completely gone. I'm back to my swimming workouts at 100%. Dr. Getelman and his staff was terrific and if I ever needed work done again, I'd certainly have him do it.”
    – Paul S.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “After discovering that I had tore my right ACL in October, I knew that I would be returning to SCOI, specifically to see Dr. Getelman. Eight years ago, I had tore my left ACL playing soccer. I recovered fully and since then I have completed three marathons, taken up cycling, and played in many soccer and basketball tournaments and leagues. Eight years ago, I told Dr. Getelman that I had aspirations of climbing Mt. Whitney five months after my surgery and unlike other doctors who discouraged me, he told me it could happen if I put the work into my recovery. This time there is a marathon four months after surgery and once again, I am confident that I will be completing it. My mother, an avid marathoner, has also been treated by Dr. Getelman. Between the two of us, he has performed eight surgeries, so that we can have the active quality of life we enjoy. A testament to his skill and that of SCOI, this year I will be joining my mother in the LA Marathon. -- Michelle S.”
    – Michelle
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “Dr. Getelman did a right knee medial meniscus clean up in late September 2012 of a nasty tear. By mid-November, after six weeks of physical therapy, my knee is great and I'm back to normal, working out five or six days a week and playing golf.”
    – Mark C.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had surgery in June 2013 to repair my ACL in my left knee. Dr. Getelman did an awesome job and the surgery went smoothly. He recorded the surgery for me and I received a DVD of the experience.  My physical therapy went well and I am glad I had this surgery done.  I love to snow ski and I have the full use of my knee back now. I also want to mention that a donor graft was used to replace my torn ACL.  Because of this, my incisions were minimal and the scars left are barely noticeable. I am very pleased with the outcome and Dr. Getelman and his staff are the best!”
    – Constance C.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “My shoulder was causing constant pain and sleepless nights. Dr. Getelman operated on my shoulder and I now have no pain and am sleeping fine. I am very grateful to Dr. Getelman and his staff. God bless each and every one if them! -- Mark M.”
    – Mark
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “Dr. Getelman and Dr. Spelts treated me. I injured my right knee in February of 2013. Both doctors took very good care of me. I would recommend Southern California Orthopedic Institute to everyone I know. Also, thank you to all the great staff.”
    – Patricia B.
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    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I came to SCOI seeking treatment for a knee problem. After a thorough evaluation, it was determined that I had a complex tear in my meniscus that would require surgery. I had my surgery only nine days ago, but my knee already feels 100% better. It's as though I never had a knee injury. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Mark Getelman, Stacey PA-C, the entire staff at the surgical center, and the support staff at SCOI Thousand Oaks.  Admittedly, I approached my surgery with a fair amount of anxiety, but the whole process was seamless and my surgery couldn't have been easier. Thank you!! -- Rick S.”
    – Rick
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I had knee pain for a few months that wasn't getting better, unlike past problems. The examination showed a torn meniscus, so I had the arthroscopic surgery, which took only an hour or so. I was on crutches for a day or less, and didn't use the pain pills. After six weeks or so of physical therapy, I'm at good or minor irritation, but I'm sure that will go away. I received a DVD of the operation narrated by Dr. Getelman, which was very interesting and informative. All in all, a good experience.  The assistants in the Thousand Oaks office were great, Stacey Gerbrant and Elizabeth Brown. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending SCOI and the staff.”
    – Richard K.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “Because of Dr Getelman's surgical treatment to my knee, I was able to return to my athletic pursuits. I have participated in many triathlon and aqua bike competitions (medaling in some), discovered swimming (especially open water), four cycling events at 100+mile rides, and runs up to 13.1 miles. I will be competing in 70.3 and 140.6 ironman events this year. Not bad for a grandma!”
    – Ruth A.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD
  • “I met Dr. Getelman after I had torn my ACL during a basketball game. It was the most horrifying experience I have ever faced. Luckily Dr. Getelman and his team were there to the rescue. They assessed my right knee and informed me of the options for my repair. Everyone in the office was friendly whether it was Stacy tag teaming with Dr. Getelman, Marissa scheduling my appointments, or anyone else on staff otherwise taking care of me. My initial visit was in January of this year. My surgery was completed in February, and now after months of physical therapy, I have been cleared to rejoin my sport. I knew when I first met him, that Super Doctor, Mark Getelman, would be able to help me recover from my ACL injury. Now that I am at the end of my journey, I could not be more happy with the expert care I received from Dr. Getelman, his P.A. Stacy, and the rest of the SCOI staff. Thankyou so much. You guys rock!”
    – Sarah E.
    Treating Doctor: Mark H. Getelman, MD