Richard D. Ferkel, MD

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  • “I have been waiting for my knee surgery for years. I was in a very bad car accident 8 years ago, at the young age of 21. It almost left me without my legs all together. I was referred to Southern California Orthopedic Institute and they informed me that my leg has healed enough for the hardware, which has been causing me so much pain, can finally come out. I was so thrilled! I'm scheduled for my surgery August 13th. The staff and doctor have been very kind and informative in prepping me mentally and physically for the surgery. I thank the doctor and the staff for their kindness and understanding.”
    – Shirlina S.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “Dr. Ferkel was great. My knee was very arthritic and I was worried that it would have to be replaced. The arthroscopic repair was quite thorough. It was a lot of work to get the strength back but now I am pain free and keeping up with the little grandkids. Thanks to all the staff and therapy group also.”
    – Jean Q.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “Dr. Ferkel is great. He came recommended from my physical therapist and from another athlete that I know, who had foot surgery performed by Dr. Ferkel. His staff is great. Natalie, Rick, the front desk lady, and cast lady, and Jason are awesome. -- Jason M.”
    – Jason
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “Well, this is my second go round with Dr. Ferkel in 3 years, after reinjuring my right shoulder. I sustained more damage to the rotator and labrum, but also detached the bicep tendon. Rehab has been a lot harder this time and I had to push harder to break up scar tissue. I believe with the Dr. Ferkel's skilled hands and knowledge, I had the best doctor to perform my surgery. The monthly visits with Dr. Ferkel gives me encouragement of my progress, but at the same time, holding the reins back as to not reinjure. -- Ernesto B.”
    – Ernesto
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “I injured my shoulder at work; therefore my treatment is through Worker's Comp. With that said, I was a bit hesitant about their choice of doctors. I must share with you that my experience with Dr. Ferkel, the Bakersfield, and Van Nuys SCOI offices has met my every expectation. The staff is courteous and helpful and the treatment has been excellent. I would recommend Dr. Ferkel and SCOI to family and friends for their needs. Thank you.”
    – Jodi
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “There is just one word to describe this doctor and the practice, AWESOME!”
    – Carl J.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “I have been a fitness instructor for 15 years. In August, I started having pain behind my knee. I tried ice, stretching, and massage to no avail. Finally, I went to the great Dr. Ferkel who scheduled arthroscopic surgery for my torn lateral meniscus. I am three months post operative and back to teaching.  Dominic Smith, my physical therapist, has guided me to this point. His knowledge and experience have been invaluable. The hardest part of the whole thing has been learning patience! My knee isn't perfect yet, but I will continue with physical therapy and listening to Dominic!”
    – Cindy M.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “I had surgery on my right ankle. He was very professional and thorough in explaining all of my options. The entire staff is very friendly and caring. They are gentle in handling the affected areas and explain all steps of the healing process. You never wonder what will happen next because all steps are described from the beginning.”
    – Matrina M.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “This is a great facility from the surgery to the physical therapy. You guys are the best and have wonderful doctors. I really enjoyed physical therapy. They really know what they are doing. The facility is clean and parking is good.”
    – David M.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD
  • “My knees hate me, plain and simple. At 24, I'm preparing myself for my 7th new surgery, and by god, this had better be my last. At age 13, my knees starting dislocating for no rhyme or reason, just out of the socket they would go. I was living in Oregon at the time and had my first two surgeries there, one on the right and one on the left. Mistake! My muscles are too stretchy and they did a lateral release on both. Dr. Richard Ferkel has treated my father since he was my current age and it was the most logical step in mind to go in and get a second opinion from the man, the myth, the legend, as soon as I moved back to California. The process of surgeries 3-5 began. I'm a martial artist. So keeping strong and healthy is critical for me to be able to learn and as an instructor at my studio, to teach as well. After two years of recovery and constant rehab for surgery number five, my third on my right knee, I became as active as I have ever been and boy did it feel amazing! This last August, I started feeling pain again in my left knee, just what I needed. Mrs. Natalie is a god let me tell you. I called her up, got in right away for an x-ray, and discovered I had a new friend in my knee in the form of a half-inch bone chip. So the process for surgery six began. I was back at my karate studio the day of surgery, wrapped up and on Advil, getting my new belt. I then spent several weeks rehabbing before getting back on the mat to train for my next level. The real bummer came to be. At the very start of this New Year, I was in a sparring class, giving it my all, then a lunge, pop, and fall took me down. There went my ACL, and consequently, there went my sanity. That was possibly the hardest doctors appointment I've ever had to go through, to have to hear that my dreams and goals have to once again be put on hold so that my body can be repaired. I lost it, legitimately lost it. But because SCOI and Dr. Ferkel’s team is like a second family to me, I've been able to start pushing through my own sadness to see the bigger goal. So, here I am now before surgery seven, teaching every day until surgery because training isn't an option and doing my best to keep my head in the game. Through injury we, or at least I have learned to take a step back to examine what it is I am doing as what it is I CAN do to keep myself happy and safe. Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I don't think I would change a thing that I have been through, other than maybe being blessed with better knees at birth. It has made me stronger and dare I say more patient to boot. I have hardware that can make me beep in metal detectors, I have scars that each have their own story, and I have a family at SCOI that I cherish. Look forward, never back, and set your goals. Let SCOI help you do all that. It is worth all your time and effort to get the absolute best care possible and you'll find it there.”
    – Shauna L.
    Treating Doctor: Richard D. Ferkel, MD