SCOI’s “Cash Discount” Program / “Cash Value Program”

At the Southern California Orthopedic Institute, we realize that obtaining good medical care is not always financially easy.

In this challenging economic environment, many people no longer have access to health insurance, or may have large deductibles which are difficult to afford. To meet these needs, SCOI has created two special programs, our “Cash Value Program” and a program of alternative payment options.

The “Cash Value Program”- Special Rates for Patients Paying Cash

We have developed a special discounted fee structure for those patients who have no insurance, pay cash or cannot use their medical insurance. Our professional staff is available to assist with the process from your initial phone call or e-mail through the final steps of your care.  We will work with you all along the way, to ensure that you are always aware of the costs of your treatment plan – prior to consenting to that plan. Please ask about the Cash Value Program when making your appointment or during your next office visit to see if it is right for you.

Payment Options Program

To help patients with their financial needs, SCOI has developed a program that allows patients to pay using various payment options. All services may be paid for by cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover or financed through the CareCredit healthcare plan. CareCredit is an independent program which offers payment plans for healthcare related procedures and treatments. Our Cash Value Attendant will explain the program to you, and assist you through the application process.

We understand how important your orthopedic health is, and want to help you obtain the best care possible. For more information on either program, please contact our Cash Value Attendant at (818) 901-6600, ext. 6708, or by e-mail at