Brian Lustgarten, PA-C Reviews

"I had the pleasure of having a telephone conference with Mr. Lustgarten this past Monday, December 14. For my part, I was in terrible pain and had not slept for several nights since the pain continually wakes me. Then my cell phone died and I had to struggle to get contact info, etc. so I could even make the telephone conference work! Plus it was a Monday morning so my office was crazy. To say I was not at my best was an understatement. Mr. Lustgarten could sense my exhaustion and frustration, and he was incredible calming and supportive. He had a "don't worry, we'll figure this out" attitude which helped me when I needed it most. He really turned my day around. Knowing I am trying to avoid leaving my home at all with Covid cases continuing to rage, and knowing that you already had x-rays of my shoulder and neck from my recent visit, he was able to arrange an MRI of the neck for me, in an effort to help diagnose the source of my pain. I had that MRI today and just left a message with Margaret to set up another telephone conference with Mr. Lustgarten on the first available Monday after the results are back, which will be December 28. I am eager to get the results so we know what we are dealing with I have great confidence in Mr. Lustgarten. When giving me these most recent results, his communication skills were stellar. He answered all of my questions clearly. He was extremely professional and a great representative for both you and SCOI in general. In addition to his competence, I will always be grateful for how calm he was when I'm sure he could hear in my voice, that I was at a fragile breaking point! I know you all see it in patients who have experienced extreme pain, but it was his response that was so appreciated. Thank you and Mr. Lustgarten for your ongoing care."

– Erica M.