The Concussion Center at Southern California Orthopedic Institute is designed to provide our sports medicine patients comprehensive education about concussions from the combined knowledge, experience, and expertise of our specialty-trained sports medicine doctors. 

Welcome to our Concussion Center

As experts in the field of concussions, our sports medicine doctors at SCOI provide diagnostic concussion evaluations and concussion management services as well as ongoing education and community service. Through our Concussion Center and social media (such as Twitter and blogs), lectures, and the SCORE Concussion Program, our sports medicine doctors strive to continue to raise awareness and promote education about proper concussion management with athletes, parents, coaches, and area schools and sports teams.

Our Concussion Experts

At SCOI, our team of sports medicine specialists have been managing concussions on the sidelines and in our office for the past decade. Our concussion experts have experience with athletes from all sports and all ages, ranging from childhood playground accidents to professional NFL players.

In addition to the direct care of athletes, our sports medicine doctors believe that proper concussion care also involves education and awareness and, therefore, continue to lecture extensively on the topic. From SCOI-sponsored events to hospital grand rounds and national conferences, educating athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, medical students, and doctors is an important, ongoing part of our dedication to proper concussion management. The experts at the Concussion Center at Southern California Orthopedic Institute continue to write articles on concussions and have served as expert witnesses in landmark cases of concussion-related lawsuits.

To stay current with news and information regarding sports-related injuries and conditions like concussions, follow SCOI's sports medicine expert, Dr. Andrew Blecher, on Twitter @the_jockdoc or visit his blog.

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