Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy consists of evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and sports injuries, pre- and post-operative care, and injury prevention. Services include specialized programs for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, foot, and ankle, and a comprehensive spine rehabilitation program. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of all patients, from the worker's compensation patient to the geriatric population, and to both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Total Joint Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists work closely with physicians regarding patients’ recovery after total joint replacements. Patients may be referred to pre-operative physical therapy to ensure an appropriate strength base, review the use of an assistive device, review stair negotiation, and home safety. Patients are referred to physical therapy post-operatively to progress off the assistive device, achieve full range of motion, and return to all the activities they enjoy doing under the guidance of a skilled physical therapist.

Hand Therapy

Our hand therapy service treats a broad spectrum of conditions, ranging in diagnosis from carpal tunnel syndrome to flexor tendon repair to complex fracture reconstruction. Custom splinting, desensitization, wound care, paraffin, and edema control are some of the services available.

Available at our Van Nuys, Valencia, Westlake, and Bakersfield locations.

Custom Splinting

Our hand therapists specialize in the rehabilitation of post-operative and non-operative conditions involving the elbow, wrist, and hands. They fabricate custom splints that are made to fit the specific individual receiving them. They are made from low-temperature plastic and formed in the clinic. A benefit of these splints is that they can be adjusted for swelling and remold as you heal to protect the injured area.

BTE (Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment)

The BTE functions as a work simulator, duplicating many work-related tasks and activities of daily living. The BTE is used for treatment, evaluation, and ergonomic analysis in both acute and chronic conditions. It is useful in increasing range of motion, strength, and endurance, and improves general body conditioning. The BTE is effective in patients who require job task simulation to allow for a faster and safer return to work.

BTE is available at our Van Nuys location.


The Biodex is a multi-function isokinetic device used for testing and training of the extremities. Test results can be used to identify weak areas in the extremity, allowing the therapist to customize a training program specifically for the individual patient. The Biodex is also utilized as an assessment tool to ensure our athletes have an appropriate strength base prior to returning to sport. It may be utilized throughout an athlete’s training regimen from strengthening protocols to assessing return to play.

Some diagnoses include but are not limited to post-operative ACL, post-operative meniscus repair, various knee injuries, and post-operative shoulder surgery.

Available at our Van Nuys location.

Sonorex (also known as Shock Wave Therapy)

A nonsurgical treatment for pain associated with tendinopathies of subacute and chronic nature. Also known as extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) uses acoustic energy pulses to treat the affected area. Sonorex is prescribed by the physician for patients who have had pain for at least six months and have tried traditional methods of relief, such as physical or hand therapy, cold packs, anti-inflammatory medications, or injections.

Some diagnoses include but are not limited to planar fasciitis (heel spurs), Achilles' tendinopathy, medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow), lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), hamstring tendonitis, patella tendonitis (jumper’s knee), and shoulder tendinitis.

Available at our Van Nuys location.


Augmented soft tissue mobilization is a manual therapy approach utilizing specialized tools which address scarring, fibrosis, and degeneration that occur in soft tissues. These conditions result from trauma, surgery, and overuse.

Some diagnoses include but are not limited to Achilles Tendinopathy, Jumpers Knee, Plantar Fasciitis, Scar Tissue, Tennis elbow, and Back Pain.

Available at our Van Nuys, Westlake, Simi Valley, and Bakersfield locations.


IASTM stands for Instrument Aided Soft Tissue Mobilization and is a popular treatment for myofascial restriction. It uses specifically designed instruments to provide a mobilizing effect to scar tissue and myofascial adhesion. Several IASTM tools and techniques are available such as Graston ® and Smart Tools ®. The utilization of unique treatment edges and angles assist in the treatment of soft tissue conditions and myofascial restrictions, improving the overall mobility of the joint and/ or muscle.

Available at our Van Nuys and Valencia Locations.

Kelvi (Digital Hot/Cold Therapy)

Our Kelvi units provide hot therapy, cold therapy, and contrast therapy with adjustable pressure in an internet-connected device. The unit allows targeted skin temperatures to be reached in seconds to achieve optimal results. It is evolutionary technology coupled with high precision, temperature control, and repeatability that allows us to provide the best treatment options to our patients.

Available at our Van Nuys location.

Alter G (Anti- Gravity Treadmill)

AlterG® is leading-edge rehab and training equipment using NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. The Alter G allows patients to move early in the rehab process by unloading the joints. The Alter G can be utilized as a training tool for runners who are rehabilitating, but who need to get their miles in, or those recovering from a leg injury with limited weight-bearing.

Available at our Van Nuys location.

Runners Analysis

A running analysis is performed to detect the running mechanics that have the potential to cause injury, as well as identify the factors you can modify to train more effectively and improve your running performance. How does your foot land when you hit the ground? Are you overstriding? The specifics of each program may vary, but the analysis will include the following:

  1. Video analysis of your running in different views
  2. A Musculoskeletal examination from head to toe. This provides us information on strength and joint mobility, which dictates what you can physically do.
  3. Functional Testing (such as squats and single-leg squats) to understand how you move and utilize your muscles in a sports-specific sense.

Participants are provided with a printed Runners profile that discusses their deficits, efficiency of movement, and items to enhance their running performance.

Available at our Van Nuys location.


Is a mechanical machine that focuses on the treatment of the cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) area. The goal is pain reduction, and to promote an optimal healing environment for patient's experience degenerating, bulging, or herniated discs.

Available at our Van Nuys, Simi Valley, Bakersfield, and Westlake locations.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (Delphi Units)

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff (tourniquet) proximal to the muscle that is being trained (either to the upper or lower extremity). It has been proven in the research to be a highly effective method of getting stronger and growing your muscle mass at low loads which is typical in the early phases of rehab when the injury or surgery is in the protective phase.

Available at our Van Nuys, Bakersfield, and Valencia locations.