Richard D. Ferkel, MD

Richard D. Ferkel, MD

Specializes in Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Knee, Shoulder, Foot, and Ankle, Cartilage Restoration of the Ankle, and Sports Medicine.


Fellowship-Trained Sports Medicine, Reconstructive Knee, and Shoulder Surgeon

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Dr. Ferkel grew up in Illinois and attended UCLA where he played football for two years. Subsequently, he graduated from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago and accomplished his orthopedic training at UCLA.

He completed fellowship training in sports medicine and reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute and had additional training in foot and ankle surgery at that time.

He is currently the director of the sports medicine fellowship program at Southern California Orthopedic Institute. Dr. Ferkel has published numerous articles regarding the shoulder, knee, foot and ankle, and sports medicine. He co-edited the book, "Prosthetic Ligament Reconstruction of the Knee," and authored the textbook "Arthroscopic Surgery of the Foot and Ankle." He lectures extensively all over the world. In addition, he has invented numerous surgical devices and performed live surgery throughout Europe. He has received numerous awards and was selected to be in the book entitled "The Best Doctors in America."

Dr. Ferkel is an Assistant Clinical Professor of orthopedic surgery at UCLA and was chief of arthroscopic surgery at Wadsworth Veterans Hospital for fifteen years. He is a member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine, and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society.

He is a qualified medical examiner (QME) for the State of California Industrial Medical Council, Department of Industrial Relations.

Dr. Ferkel started the Athletic Training Program at Southern California Orthopedic Institute. In addition, he has been the team physician for Crespi Carmelite, Oaks Christian, and Harvard-Westlake High Schools, and Los Angeles Valley College for many years. He has worked with the U.S. Olympic teams, specifically the U.S. Soccer Team, the Special Olympics, and is a consultant to the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Outside of the office, Dr. Ferkel enjoys playing tennis, skiing, drumming, and spending time with his family. He also assists in fundraising for a variety of charities.

Dr. Ferkel is available to see patients at the Van Nuys and Thousand Oaks offices.


  • Ankle
  • Cartilage Restoration
  • Foot
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Sports Medicine


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Workers' Comp: Yes
QME: Yes

“I am a retired camera-woman for the news. I worked at KABC channel 7 for 38 years. My job was basically that of a football player without the protective gear. I am writing this letter to share my wonderful experience at SCOI, Southern California Orthopedic Institute, namely, Dr. Richard Ferkel and Natalie Ray. I injured my left shoulder in 2004 in 2013 and again in 2015 at work. In 2004, I was pushed by a camera person from a French company while covering Arnold Schwarzenegger and then Governor, Gray Davis. When covering a campaign, the normal drill is that you run ahead of the candidate, stop shoot them, let them get in front of you and run again to catch up to them to shoot them coming towards the camera. While running, a French still photographer pushed me out of the way, I had a 35 pound camera on my shoulder; I went crashing into the sidewalk and hit the concrete with my left shoulder and gashed my right knee. I went to the Kerlin-Jobe clinic. Because of their reputation, I thought I would be getting the best medical help for my shoulder and knee available. This proved not to be the case. I was told by the physician that attended me that my only option was to have surgery. I was also told that they would prefer not to deal with Workmen’s Comp. Since I got hurt on the job it did not make sense not to be covered by Workmen’s Comp. I was trying to get my 40 years of work in with the company so I went back to work, no surgery nor competent physical therapy. In the year 2013 I damaged my left shoulder again while shooting the flight of the NASA shuttle to Los Angeles. The crowd was very rowdy and pushed me in such a way that the camera, which was on a tripod, jammed into my shoulder. I had to find an orthopedic doctor again. I was lost as to what direction to take in picking a doctor. My husband‘s best friend, Jim Knutsen has a sister who had been treated by Dr. Ferkel. Since I trusted Jim, I trusted the glowing recommendation from his sister Janet. She said Dr. Ferkel was the best orthopedic doctor she had ever come across… She was right! I was blessed to find Dr. Ferkel. I went to SCOI In 2013. Doctor Ferkel was very thorough and went through all my options. I elected to get a treatment of physical therapy and a series of shots that helped my arm heal. I was still trying to get my 40 years in, with the help of Dr. Ferkel, I was able to get a few more years in. In 2015 I had a very bad fall from the side of my truck when my mini-cam truck caught fire. It was a traumatic fall that injured my right shoulder, and re-injured my left shoulder, my right ankle and my back. The injuries I sustained resulted in two torn rotator cuff‘s & other miscellaneous injuries in the shoulders. I basically had two shoulder reconstructions. Dr. Ferkel has not only been thorough but kind and extremely patient with my care. I was still trying to get my 40 years in. Unfortunately, Workmen’s Comp. delayed delayed and delayed authorization for my treatments and my company was forced to terminate my position because I had “timed out“. I had been an excellent National Emmy award winning camera person and a valued employee at KABC. Workmen’s Comp. has not been professional but the doctor has hung in there with me and has gotten me the care that I needed. About a year and a half ago, my case manager for Workmen’s Comp. wrote a scathing letter to the Insurance company that covers my care. What she did was commit fraud because she used my name and made it sound like it was from me. I would never have written such a letter because none of what she wrote was true. This is what I have been subjected to with Workmen’s Comp. I wanted to get back to work but the Workmen’s Comp. people made it impossible by delaying authorizations for my care. Through all this... Dr. Ferkel & Natalie Ray stood by me and made sure I received the medical care, physical therapy and appointments that I have needed. My medical needs were first and foremost to Dr. Ferkel and to Natalie. After both surgeries, I needed a “cooling machine“ for my shoulders. Doctor Ferkel made sure I got it and that it was delivered to my home. Workmen’s Comp. did not want to authorize this piece of equipment. I want to say that it was the one piece of equipment that took me through the process. I was in severe pain and I would have required more pain medication had I not had the “cooling machine“. I don’t know it’s technical name but I call it a lifesaver. Natalie Ray has been a tremendous part of my recovery. Natalie was indispensable to me through this process. Natalie has been kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I could write three pages alone on Natalie. She is the most professional and hard-working medical professional I have ever seen. Natalie is truly a “feather” in SCOI’s hat. Again, let me finish by saying that this has been the most difficult time of my entire life. Never did I think I would have to endure such painful injuries. Dr. Ferkel has given me new hope and life. I thank God for SCOI but especially for Dr. Ferkel. I would and do recommend Dr. Ferkel to anybody who needs shoulder or feet/ankle medical care. I have already recommended the doctor to a few of my friends. I have many friends that are camera people and as it turns out, there are a lot of shoulder injuries out there… God bless Dr. Ferkel, thank you for your incredible effort and care of my shoulders and ankle.”
– Marie H.
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