SCOI and the Sports Medicine Fellowship has produced numerous publications over the year, including:

  • 13 textbooks
  • Almost 200 book chapters in other textbooks
  • Over 300 articles in orthopedic journals

Recent publications include:
Altbuch T, Ayzenberg M, Bloze AE, Ferkel RD: The effects of noninvasive traction on SSEPs during ankle arthroscopy.  Foot Ankle Int 2020; Aug 5:1071100720943866. (online ahead of print)

Ayzenberg M, Hiller AD, Vellinga R, Snyder SJ:  Arthroscopic supraglenoid origin-preserving biceps tenodesis: a reliable, simple and cost-conscious technique.  J Shoulder Elbow Surg 2020;29(75):573-579.

Barber FA, Ryu RKN, Ryu JHJ, Getelman MH, Tokish JM:  Grafts and patches in rotator cuff surgery: bioinductive scaffolds, augmentation, interposition, and superior capsule reconstruction. Instr Course Lect 2020;69:551-574.

Carlson MJ, Antkowiak TT, Larsen NJ, Applegate GR, Ferkel RD: Arthroscopic treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus in a pediatric population: a minimum 2-year follow-up.  Am J Sports Med 2020;48(8):1989-1998.

Dierckman BD, Frousiakis P, Burns JP et al.  Arthroscopic repair of medium to large rotator cuff tears with a triple-loaded medially based single-row technique augmented with marrow vents.  Arthroscopy 2020; Aug 14:50749-8063(20)30681-2. (online ahead of print)

Dierckman BD, Ni JJ, Karzel RP, Getelman MH:  Excellent healing rates and patient satisfaction after arthroscopic repair of medium to large rotator cuff tears with a single-row technique augmented with bone marrow vents.  Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc 2018:26(1):136-145.

Dierckman BD, Wang DW, Bahk MS, Burns JP, Getelman MH:  In vivo measurement of rotator cuff tear tension: medial versus lateral footprint position.  Am J Orthop 2016;45(3)e93-90.

Ferkel E, Nguyen S, Kwong C: Chronic lateral ankle instability: surgical management.  Clin Sports Med 2020;39(4):829-843.

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Green JM, Getelman MH, Snyder SJ, Burns JP: All-arthroscopic suprapectoral versus open subpectoral tenodesis of the long head of the biceps brachii without the use of interference screws.  Arthroscopy 2017;33(1) 19-25.

Hiza E, Dierckman BD, Guanche C, et al.  Reliability of the Tonnis classification and its correlation with magnetic resonance imaging and intraoperative chondral damage.  Arthroscopy 2019;35(2):403-408.

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Sieradzki JP, Larsen N, Wong I, Ferkel RD: Symptom and disability measurement by common foot and ankle specific outcome rating scales.  Foot Ankle Int 2020;41(7):84-858.