SCOI & UCLA Health Alliance - FAQs: Referral Sources

Frequently Asked Questions for Referral Sources

When will the strategic alliance between SCOI and UCLA Health take place?

The alliance is in effect now, but SCOI will be utilizing UCLA Health’s CareConnect electronic health record and other functions planned as part of the partnership by June 20, 2019.

Is SCOI merging with UCLA Health?

Neither organization is acquiring the other. This alignment is strictly two great healthcare organizations collaborating to provide greater access to even better care. SCOI will maintain its current management structure as well as its name, branding, etc.

How will this alliance benefit current and future respective patients?

In addition to its reputation for outstanding orthopedic care, SCOI shares strong teaching and research commitments with UCLA Health. The alliance provides opportunities to advance both organizations’ missions through the sharing of best practices and quality measures.

Will there be any changes for referring providers?

No, there are currently no changes that will impact SCOI’s ability to serve you and your patients.

Will there be any changes to the insurance plans SCOI currently accepts?

In addition to self-pay patients, UCLA works with many payors, including indemnity plans, Medicare fee-for-service, PPO, and various HMO products. A list of major plans accepted by UCLA Health is available at Please call us at 1-800-UCLA-MD1 (1-800-825-2631) if you are concerned or have a question about whether your insurance is accepted.

Will my patient have out-of-pocket expenses for care provided by SCOI physicians, and how will they be billed for those services?

Your patient may have some out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance amounts, for services provided by SCOI physicians. These expenses will be based on their health plan benefits. They may receive more than one statement, depending on the type of service provided. Charges for care provided by SCOI physicians will appear on a UCLA Health patient statement. The statement will clearly show the SCOI location and the SCOI physician that provided services. Should you or your patients have any questions regarding their bill from UCLA Health, please call (310) 301-8860 and a patient billing representative will assist.

Anesthesia services and facility charges for procedures performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center will be billed separately by the anesthesia provider and/or the hospital or surgery center. UCLA Health does not handle charges for these services. Call the number on the anesthesia and facility statements if there are questions about those charges.

**Patients may still receive a statement or bill from SCOI for SCOI physician services that were provided before the transition date of June 20, 2019.**