Medical-Legal Expert

Our experienced, professional medical-legal experts at Southern California Orthopedic Institute are specialty-trained musculoskeletal and spine doctors who are internationally and nationally recognized for their leadership and training in the diagnosis and evaluation of bone, joint, muscle, and nerve injuries and conditions.

Legal cases involving injuries and medical conditions often require witness testimony, evaluations, and opinions from experts to resolve disputes or inform a court’s ruling. In addition to providing exceptional patient care for orthopedic and spine injuries and conditions, the renowned doctors who form our med-legal team at Southern California Orthopedic Institute offer specialized expertise in the medical-legal field. Most commonly, our medical-legal specialists serve as expert witnesses—where they offer informed medical and clinical opinions based on their training, knowledge, research, and experience—in legal cases involving:

  • Disability claims
  • Future medical needs
  • Insurance benefits
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medical reports and records
  • Personal injury
  • Standard of care
  • Workers’ compensation claims

The Southern California Orthopedic Institute Advantage

Our med-legal team at Southern California Orthopedic Institute offers the full range of medical-legal services to legal teams for cases involving individuals, medical providers, insurance carriers, employees, and employers. This includes independent medical examination (IME), where one of our doctors will provide an independent expert medical opinion on an individual’s injury, treatment, or condition. Our doctors also routinely perform in the role of agreed medical evaluator, where both parties in a case accept one doctor to complete an independent medical evaluation. For workers’ compensation claims and cases involving benefits claims, several of our doctors are also qualified medical evaluators who are state-certified to perform qualified medical evaluation (QME) in resolving a dispute.

The benefits of using our medical-legal services at Southern California Orthopedic Institute:

  • Access to a team comprised of the top orthopedic and physical medicine physicians in the nation
  • Expedited turnaround time on reports upon request (usually within 48 hours)
  • Strategic locations in Southern California, with convenient connections to LAX and Burbank airports
  • Access to experts who can handle the plaintiff or defense side of any case

Experience Excellence at Southern California Orthopedic Institute

Finding an appropriate, experienced expert for your medical-legal case or client is important, and there is much to consider when choosing a specialist to provide considered advice, answers to medical questions, independent evaluations, or an expert opinion or testimony. At Southern California Orthopedic Institute, you can be confident knowing the specialty-trained doctors on our med-legal team are knowledgeable medical specialists with focused training and experience in orthopedic and spine-related injuries and conditions, including medical evaluation. With this advanced training and extensive knowledge, our medical-legal specialists provide the services and consultation you need with the highest level of expertise.

If you need an expert opinion on your case or medical-legal issue and need to discuss your options with one of our medical-legal specialists, you can call (818) 901-6600 ext. 6776. We have convenient locations in Van Nuys, Bakersfield, Valencia, and Westlake.