A Patient's Guide to Surgery at The Center for Orthopedic Surgery (COSI)

At The Center for Orthopedic Surgery (COSI), we strive to provide the very best in ambulatory surgical care. Our team approach to patient care makes you and your surgery our most important priority.

If you are to have surgery at COSI, a guest account representative will contact you directly to assist you through the scheduling and insurance portion of your care. Our Office Manager will be happy to answer any questions that may arise during this process.

A few days before your surgery, one of our Preoperative Nursing Staff will contact you to obtain additional information needed to plan your surgical care. Dr. Francis Lau, our Medical Director, is a Board Certified anesthesiologist and reviews each of the patient's care plans. The Center for Orthopedic Surgery's preoperative team works hard to provide a pleasant and relaxed environment throughout the admitting process.

One of the Center's Board Certified anesthesiologists will speak with you the night before your surgery to explain your anesthetic and answer your questions.

This practice has earned high praise by our patients, as it soothes many of the presurgical "jitters."

It is very important not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery, unless instructed by your anesthesiologist. Please leave all valuables and jewelry at home, and dress comfortably with stable, slip-on shoes and loose, pull-on clothing.

For shoulder surgery patients, bring a shirt that is two to three sizes larger than normal so that you will be comfortably covered with your shoulder bandage in place. It is also necessary that a responsible adult drive you home.

You will meet your surgical team the day of your surgery. Each member of the surgical team undergoes a 6 to 8 week orientation and training, and must meet rigorous competency requirements. For your surgery, we have many highly trained staff members that include a Surgical Registered Nurse and a Certified Surgical Technologist or Scrub Nurse. There are many people from behind the scenes working to make your surgery a safe, sterile, and pleasant experience.

After surgery, you will be cared for in our Post Anesthetic Care Unit, also known as a Recovery Room. Specially trained nurses will assist and reassure you during your recovery phase. They will support you and help you understand your healing process. They will review any braces and equipment with you and your family, and be sure to give you written instructions from your doctor regarding how to take care of yourself when you go home. Additionally, these nurses will call you the day after surgery to make sure you are doing well, and will help you with your questions.

It is our goal at COSI that you enjoy a rewarding surgical experience. At your follow-up visit to your surgeon, you will be provided with an evaluation form that allows you to mention what we did well, and where you see we could use some improvement. Our patients' recommendations are important to maintain our high level of patient service and quality care. Please feel free to contact us at (818) 901-6690 with any additional ideas or comments.