Joshua Leazenby, PA-C, MPAS
Physician Assistant to: 
David K. Wahba, MD

As a physician assistant with Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Bakersfield, Joshua Leazenby, PA-C, MPAS, is pleased to provide services to patients in the area of sports medicine, focusing on the shoulder, elbow, and knee, as well as orthopedic disorders of the spine and hand. His role allows him to assist Dr. Schamblin in performing physical exams, ordering and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory studies, performing diagnostic and therapeutic injections, diagnosing various orthopedic disorders, formulating and carrying out treatment plans, managing conditions, writing prescriptions, and tending to patients in both clinical and hospital settings.  

Joshua's interest in orthopedics began very early in life through sports and various athletic interests while growing up in Orange County, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. That interest led him to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science with a minor in nutrition from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, before receiving a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Utah. While Joshua was completing his education, he spent nearly eight years as a licensed vocational/practical nurse in the family practice setting in California and the VA system in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

In his spare time, Joshua enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and surfing, and going on bike rides with his kids. He speaks Spanish fluently.