Stephen J. Snyder, MD

Stephen J. Snyder, MD

Founder of the SCOI Shoulder Team and CLASroom Arthroscopic Training Center

Specializes in Arthroscopic Surgery and Reconstructive Procedures of the Shoulder Joint.


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Dr. Stephen Snyder began practice with the Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI) in 1981 as one of the five founding partners. He became interested in shoulder arthroscopy in 1982.

Since shoulder arthroscopy was an unfamiliar surgical procedure at the time, there was very little information available to guide an interested surgeon wishing to learn this new surgical discipline.  To enable the performance of arthroscopic repairs of ruptured rotator cuff and biceps tendons, as well as the reattachment of torn ligaments, Dr. Snyder partnered with several newly formed surgical equipment companies to develop a complete catalogue of novel miniature tools including suture anchors, stitching tools, tissue handling devices, arm support brackets, cannulas as well as a full line of shoulder braces and splints.

(A few of the 50+ surgical products Dr. Snyder has invented and co-developed)

These “inventions” along with many others are in use today, many in the second and third iterations and have catalyzed the development for numerous additional tools and techniques that have enhanced surgical outcomes.  

With these newly created tools available it now was possible to conceive, practice and perfect new surgical procedures.  Not only was Dr. Snyder instrumental in innovating the techniques for the now standard operations such as rotator cuff repairs, shoulder instability corrections and calcium and bone spur removal but when he found it necessary to devise a method to replace the massive non-repairable rotator cuff tendon the eventual solution was the GraftJacket Allograft soft tissue patch.  With this operation performed arthroscopically in the outpatient surgery, a tissue patch is sutured to the edges of the torn rotator cuff defect to close it and allow the body to actually regenerate a new cuff tendon.

(This is an example of a patient who had a massive tear of the rotator cuff tendon that has regenerated after placing a GraftJacket patch to fill in for the missing tendon.)

Early in his career, Dr. Snyder recognized the need to have better methods to train surgeons in the complex skills needed to perform shoulder arthroscopy. He determined that it would be useful to develop a realistic shoulder model with which students could practice and perfect the new techniques without potentially injuring the patients or the need for cadavers.  The product was completed in 1991 and was dubbed “Alex the Shoulder Professor” a realistic life-sized surgical model that is now used for surgeon training worldwide.  To enhance the product and make it available to every surgeon, a kit including an arthroscope, a light source, a coupler and an Internet video camera was developed thus enabling the use of a laptop computer in place of an expensive surgical set-up.

To further exchange new information with other surgeons around the world Dr. Snyder conceived and founded the Shoulder Arthroscopy Study Group, an association composed of shoulder arthroscopic surgeons from around the world.  The focus of the association was to share arthroscopic surgical cases on videotapes, DVDs and later Internet and thus facilitate learning new techniques.  With Dr. Snyder’s help and many other shoulder arthroscopy pioneers, this nascent society has bloomed into a successful Internet web site called and is an excellent source for shoulder arthroscopy teaching videos.

 Dr. Snyder joined the Arthroscopy Association of North America in 1985 and was chosen to be the first to coordinator of the shoulder arthroscopy section. He later served as the Chairman of the Education Committee and the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. He is an active member of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Association, The 20th Century Orthopaedic Organization, The Western Orthopedic Association The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America.

Dr. Snyder is passionate about teaching and has traveled throughout the world as an invited lecturer to help others learn the art of shoulder arthroscopy.  He founded the SCOI CLASroom (Center for Learning Arthroscopic Skills) designed as a high-tech learning center for shoulder arthroscopy techniques using the Alex models and the latest “Virtual Reality” simulators. The CLASroom is located in the SCOI Van Nuys office and is frequented by student doctors from around the world without charge to facilitate their surgical training. In addition he is a senior member of the teaching faculty of the SCOI Sports Medicine Fellowship.

(CLASroom®- Center for Learning Arthroscopic Skills)

Dr. Snyder’s most notable contribution to shoulder arthroscopy education has been his sole authorship of the first two additions his textbooks, “SCOI Shoulder Arthroscopy”. The third edition, which is being co-authored by five of the SCOI shoulder partners, is being published in 2014.

(Three editions of "SCOI Shoulder Arthroscopy" Textbook)

Outside of the office, Dr. Snyder enjoys fly-fishing, biking, exercising, traveling, video editing, hiking, reading and his new hobby is learning to fly remote control airplanes.

Stephen J. Snyder, MD, is available to see patients in the Van Nuys office.


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