Dynamic Duo Back in Action Thanks to Dr. Bawa

Barbara and Ed Schriber are very active retirees. Barbara, 67, is an avid pickle ball player and long-distance marathon walker. Her husband Ed, 78, is a former college football player and pickle ball enthusiast as well. Between the two of them, this dynamic duo have six joint replacements between them!

Fast-forward to March 2020 – Barbara was playing pickle ball and blew out her left knee. Without hesitation, she scheduled her knee replacement at Los Robles Health System in June. “This time, Dr. Harpreet Bawa used the Robot and I was walking without aid within three days – and had no pain within four days,” says Barbara.

“She was able to see the benefits of a robotic-assisted knee replacement combined with the rapid recovery protocols I have in place,” says Dr. Bawa. “Because she was so active, my goal was to get her back in the game as quickly as possible.”

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