Bump, Set & Spike Safely This Season

Volleyball is an exciting sport that requires players to jump, land, and move quickly. Because of that rapid movement, ankle and knee injuries tend to be the most common injuries that volleyball players experience. 

Ankle sprains and knee ligament injuries, like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, are especially common in sports that require stopping and starting or quickly changing directions.

Consider the following to help you avoid injury on the court:

  • Strengthening the muscles surrounding the knees through conditioning exercises can decrease your chances of a ligament tear. 
  • Wearing tight-fitting shoes will protect your feet and ankles, preventing ankle sprains.
  • To further decrease your chances of suffering a knee or ankle injury, ensure the court surface is dry and free of debris. 
  • You should also wear footwear with soles conducive to volleyball floor surfaces and practice safe landing techniques.

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